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Heart disease in minority women: ABC News Video

Link posted by Publisher 2 years ago

Watch this video about heart disease among Black and Latina women, from ABC News (February 5, 2008).

Watch video



gwane wrote

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I just found out that using steroids can cause heart disease and I am hoping that those players who are using it will stop because there are many ways for you to have a good body.

Emmi wrote

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Yes i completely agree with the person above as the major concern of why Heart Disease is spreading at rapid pace in this era is steroids and other fat full foods......Fats increase your cholestrol and i have also noticed that in the era of technology we have just forget the natural physical activity. This could really be bad.,

nikhil wrote

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This is very good information related to health here you will get more answers related to health and update information about health related deceases and hoe take precaution for it.

awesomeseo wrote

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