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Event in Environment
Harlem Business Alliance: Presented by Clearly Innovative -- Identify and Unlock Your Mobile Strategy
Come learn why it is critical to establish an effective mobile strategy. You will receive an opportunity to understand firsthand what developing...
Monday, July 7th from
Article in Health Info
Healthy Tip of the Week (HTW): July 7--July 14, 2014
Have you gotten an eye exam? You should get your eyes checked once every year. The optometrist (eye doctor) will check your eye health, your vision,...
Monday, July 7th from
Article in Spirit & Mind
In The News: NYPD Agrees to End Raids on UWS Shelters
In their second major victory this year, Picture the Homeless (PTH) has successfully defended the rights of New Yorkers from future police raids on...
Wednesday, July 2nd from
Article in Health Info
In the News: Coalition has a vision for smoke-free housing and less cigarette advertising targeting kids
The bad effect of cigarette smoking has driven many groups to advocate for a smoke free New York.  The NYC Coalition for a Smoke-Free City works...
Tuesday, July 1st from
Event in Health Info
Understanding Asthma
Come to a seminar hosted by EmblemHealth to learn about asthma, whether you or another loved one has it. For more information, visit or call...
Tuesday, July 1st from
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