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The way to give back to my community

Blog entry posted by starobin1977 in Spirit & Mind 4 days ago

I am pleased to know better the comunity of Northern Manhatan. Although I have been living in Washington Heights for a few years, I have not known well the community outside of the Washington Heights.


Six tips to help you shop healthier at the supermarket

Blog entry posted by The Health Buzz in Food 6 days ago

I went to a popular "health" food store yesterday and once I moved beyond the fruit and vegetable isle, it became very hard to make healthy choices for the products I wanted to purchase. I started reading the sugar, salt, saturated fats and fiber contents, and spent a lot of time before picking some healthier alternatives.


Staying Well in Harlem: Wellness Conference and Fair

Article posted by Publisher in Environment 1 week ago


Haircuts and Blood Pressure Readings in Harlem

Article posted by Publisher in Health Info 1 week ago


Can your cellphone be causing you to develop cancer of the brain?

Blog entry posted by The Health Buzz in Environment 2 weeks ago

There has been a lot of controversy as to the safety of cellular phones and the amount of radiofrequency radiation emitted from them. Nevertheless, the use of cellphones continue to rise.