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The Excellence in School Wellness Award Gives a Lift, Seeks a Boost
Whether top-down mandates come up short of funds or bottom-up campaigns prove hard to execute, children in the Big Apple’s public school system...
May 21st by alecappelbaumalecappelbaum
Article in Health Info
Community Participation: An Educated Voice Can Be A Voice For Change
I believe every person and family wants to live a healthy life. I also believe public health professionals should work with those families to create...
May 17th by Lopez1980
Article in Fitness, Spirit & Mind
Reflections on Organizing a Grassroots Campaign
Physical Education (PE) during the school day has steadily declined in NYC schools. Currently, elementary schools are having a difficult time meeting...
April 13th by mariela
Article in Fitness
JCLTeam: Walking Program For WaHI Latino Families
Join the JCL Team for their FREE walking program for Latino families living in Washington Heights and Inwood, lead completely in Spanish. The program...
April 12th by mariela
Our Goal: Two Periods of Phys Ed For Every NYC Public School Student
We are the New York City Strategic Alliance for Health and we aim to make children’s lives more active throughout New York City. But how do you...
February 21st by alecappelbaumalecappelbaum
Physical Education Is Our Mission: Voices From the Campaign
In high school, we knew people who made do with old shared textbooks and struggled to pay attention. We knew people who tried a drug because it would...
February 3rd by alecappelbaumalecappelbaum
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Join Our Physical Education Reform Campaign
DO YOU KNOW THAT MORE PHYSICAL EDUCATION LEADS TO HIGHER TEST SCORES?Studies indicate that kids who exercise more..•Perform better academically...
February 2nd by Lopez1980
Article in Fitness
What Excellence in School Wellness Looks Like
Since late December we've been interviewing professionals who'll soon lead their schools to reapply for our annual Excellence in School...
January 27th by alecappelbaumalecappelbaum
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We Are on the Move to Let NYC Kids Move
I've been interviewing leaders in our new campaign to reform phys-ed, and will be posting their stories in various ways over the coming months....
January 20th by alecappelbaumalecappelbaum
Article in Health Info
2012 Excellence in School Wellness Award
NYC elementary schools this is the award you have been waiting for. 2012 marks the return of the Excellence in School Wellness Award!!!!Q: How...
January 20th by Lopez1980