Did you know...simple home cleaning can send cockroaches packing and prevent asthma triggers?

GHHEditor February 3rd, 2015

The anti-roach cleaning regimen:

  • Take everything out of your kitchen cabinets. Vacuum all live and dead cockroaches and their eggs.  Make sure to clean underneath the sink and on the tops of the cabinets – these are places where roaches like to hide. 
  • Remove all roach “frazz” (roach feces and vomit, which look like grains of pepper) and scrub it away.  Roaches eat “frazz” and dead roach bodies, so you’ll be eliminating their snacks and main meals.
  • Use silicon caulking to seal their favorite shelters, like cracks in the walls or the floor.  Cockroaches like warm, damp places, so remember to keep kitchens and bathrooms as dry as possible. 
  • Once everything is sealed, place *bait stations and behind or under your large appliances (like the refrigerator and stove) and in the basement.  
  • Place all food in tightly-sealed containers. 
  • Make sure all food to be thrown out is placed in a sealed garbage can and remember to empty the trash every day.  Since cockroaches are out and about at night, it is a good idea to throw out the trash then. 
  • Use allergen reducing vacuums or a special filter vacuum (known as a HEPA) which traps all breathable particles in the air.
  • Relax and enjoy a clean and safe roach free home.  Remember, toxic chemicals won’t solve your roach problem so it is important to follow all of these steps and keep your home clean to ensure your place is free of cockroaches and many harmful products.

For more information on how you can prevent roaches and other pests from invading your home, click here. 

*Bait stations: A small bag that contains food and pesticides to get the roach in and kill it. They are relatively safe around children and last a long while. 

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