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5 Stress Management Tips

Article posted by Coll5 in Spirit & Mind on June 29, 2009 - 10:31am
Key words: Spirit & Mind, Health Info, Stress, Relaxation.

1. Take a deep breath in through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Repeat 5 times.

2. Take time for yourself: listen to music, take a bath, exercise, etc.

3. Get enough sleep.

4. Eat a balanced diet.

5. Laugh.



FaithLMT wrote

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Don't forget to breathe. It's the body's first defense against stress, it's free and we don't take advantage of it. We breath shallowly most of the time. Take a deep breath down to your lower abdomen, expand your lungs, sent it up the neck, feel the shoulders relax and your brain stimulated. Let out a long long exhale. Repeat over and over whenever you need it. Sending oxygen to the tight places in you nourishes hungry cells so that they can feel good and relaxed and ready for action!

wdandins wrote

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Stretching is a really good way to relieve your body of stress too. When you do the deep breathe exercise you can work on stretching out as well. It's a good idea to stretch multiple times a day. If you sit or stand a lot during the day stretching relieves the muscles from tension and atrophy.