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Harlem Resident Peter Holden's Story about the Great Depression and How Communities Pull Together During Hard Times.

Video posted by zoester in Spirit & Mind on April 3, 2009 - 10:17am
Key words: Spirit & Mind.

Peter G. Holden a 92 year old Harlem Resident grew up during the Great Depression and discussses his views about our countries current financial crisis in this well done and fasinating piece. In this video Mr. Holden talks with his daughter and granddaughter about growing up in the Jim Crow South during the Great Depression and how communities pull together during hard times.

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lan9 wrote

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I can't believe he's 92! He looks so young! I sure hope I'm that lucid when I'm 92 years old.

Stayin Fit wrote

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great post. He likes super fit. Must be doing Iyengar Yoga - even BKS Iyengar who is almost 90 still does 4 hrs of yoga every day - see his video from years ago

davegs wrote

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I can only imagine what kind of drug treatments were around then compared to now the advances are pretty amazing.