Physical Education - Why It Needs To Make A Comeback

Lopez1980 March 6th, 2012

Concerned that physical activity times in schools might be cut back to make room for more academic study to improve test scores, researchers in the Netherlands conducted a systematic review of published studies and found that moderate to vigorous physical activity may actually improve academic performance in children and adolescents. -- Physical Activity and Performance at School A Systematic Review of the Literature Including a Methodological Quality Assessment 

The data from the studies “suggests there is a significant positive relationship between physical activity and academic performance.” We know everyone from parents to teachers to politicians want both academic performace and childhood obesity rates to improve so why the reluctance to see this data as proof to improve Physical Education?

What do we have to do as a community to move decision makers to Reform Physical Education? 

The NYC Strategic for Health can not do this alone. We need your help. Let us start the discussion today to find the answers for tomorrow. 

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