2012 Excellence in School Wellness Award

Lopez1980 January 20th, 2012

NYC elementary schools this is the award you have been waiting for. 2012 marks the return of the Excellence in School Wellness Award!!!!

Q: How do you know if your elementary school is ready to be publicly recognized for its efforts in creating a healthy school environment?

A: If your school has ever had meeting to discuss a plan to prevent childhood obesity your more than ready to apply for this award.  

So what is different in 2012?

For this year's application we wanted to answer the question "What does it take to be awarded a Gold school?" So we combed through every Gold application submitted over the last two years to create the "Sample Application For Success." This sample application will guide your school to know what documents are needed to be considered a Gold school.  

In addition we are currently developing a physical activity, nutrition and wellness resource guide for elementary schools interested in establishing those types of programs in their schools.  


To download the 2012 Excellence in School Wellness Award application (click here)

To download the Sample Application For Success (click here)

Hear and see one school's success implementing the award (click here)

To download Physical Activity, Nutrition and Wellness Resource Guide (under construction)

Applications are due Friday April 27th 

Good Luck

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