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Obesity in East and Central Harlem: A Look Across Generations

Link posted by zoester in Health Info 1 year ago
Key words: Health Info.

Obesity in Harlem Across Generations
I found this great Neighboorhood Report on Obesity in East and Central Harlem today.
Obesity is the number one cause of death in America and a huge problem in the Harlem community. Check out this link for more information about Harlem Obesity rates across differnt generations and information on what you can do to fight obesity. 


sak2109 wrote

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clearly shows the extra burden of obesity in harlem. Hoping people can use this site to become healthier !

Tonidee wrote

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Does anyone know of any summer activities/camps going on in Harlem? Healthier habits are key and it would be great to hear about summer activities for the youth.

Thanks in advance!

I also thought the report was easy to understand and I am glad the graph weren't extremely complicated.

Great post!

zoester wrote

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Thanks Tonidee!
Yeah I think the report is great I hope a lot of people get to read it!

I was looking for info on summer camps and programs in Harlem especially with a health edge. Its was a really great sugestion.

This is what I found so far:

- Let me know if anyone else knows of anything? And hopefully we can all share on this sites calendar more up to date summer events and activities in Harlem?