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Article in Health Info
Healthy Tip Of the Week (HTW): March 12-18
March is National Kidney Month! Your kidneys clean up your body and keep you in good shape. Learn some more about these underappreciated organs! 1....
Sunday, March 12th from
Event in Health Info
Am I My Sister's Keeper? I Love and Value Myself!!
We must take care of the ones we love and cherish—but we also have to take care of ourselves, too! Community Health and Awareness Ministry and...
Thursday, March 9th from
Event in Environment
Medgar Evers College Annual Conference on Environmental Issues
Our environment is our home—there's nothing more important. What can we do to preserve it and even improve it? If you want to talk about...
Thursday, March 9th from
Event in Spirit & Mind
The Benefits of Art: The BeWell Youth Board Visits the Whitney Museum
Did you know art can help you to decrease stress, increase positive emotions, and clear your mind? And you do not even have to be an amazing artist...
Wednesday, March 8th from BeWell Health and Wellness Initiative
Event in Fitness
DanceExercise for Health
Get active and get healthy while having fun! Moving For Life is hosting free DanceExercise for Health classes at the 92nd Street Y on Monday...
Tuesday, March 7th from
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