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Event in Health Info
CCHR Speaker and Dinner on the Affordable Care Act
The Affordable Care Act affects us all. But with so much information flying around about what it is and whether or not it's going to be repealed...
Thursday, April 6th from
Event in Environment
Celebrate Earth Day with Dr. Dorceta Taylor!
Earth Day is coming up, and here's a great way to celebrate! Dr. Dorceta Taylor, an expert on the American conservation movement, will be hosting...
Thursday, April 6th from
Event in Spirit & Mind
Refoundry Open Houses
Refoundry, an organization devoted to helping formerly incarcerated people, is hosting a pair of open houses this month! The open houses are open to...
Thursday, April 6th from
Top 12 tips to reduce academic stress!
Feeling stressed about school or preparing for college? Take a look at our top 12 tips for reducing academic stress: 1. Take a look at your...
Wednesday, April 5th from BeWell Health and Wellness Initiative
Article in Health Info
Harlem Word: Dr. Elizabeth Cohn talks about her precision medicine videos
Dr. Elizabeth Cohn is a researcher and health activist working on precision medicine and genomics. She has academic posts at both Adelphi University...
Tuesday, April 4th by GHHEditorGHHEditor
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