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Heights Teach-In: Harlem Unites for Justice
It is more important than ever to fight for justice and to stand up for our communities. That's why HealthEquity4BlackLives is holding a teach-in...
Thursday, April 20th by GHHEditorGHHEditor
Community Group
BeWell Health and Wellness Initiative
BeWell Health & Wellness is a health and wellness program developed by Columbia University's Harlem Health Promotion Center. BeWell enhances...
Wednesday, April 19th by Anonymous
Zzzzz... Tips for a full night's sleep!
Having trouble getting to sleep? Or staying asleep? Watch this video to help understand why you may be having trouble and learn some tips to achieve...
Wednesday, April 19th from BeWell Health and Wellness Initiative
Article in Health Info
In The News: Fighting Hepatitis C in New York
Hepatitis C is a virus that makes your liver stop working properly and causes other health problems. It is spread through blood, and people who share...
Tuesday, April 18th from
How to: Destress!
Family. Friends. School assignments. Tests. Extracurricular activities. Jobs. Preparing for after high school. Being a teen can be really card....
Monday, April 17th from BeWell Health and Wellness Initiative
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