Active Plus Introduction
Harlem nonprofit providing fitness and nutrition education to our communities children.
Thursday, June 15th by activeplusactiveplus
How to Have Conversations about Safe Sex
Unsure about how to talk to your partner about having safe sex? Check out this video by Planned Parenthood for advice about how to have these...
Thursday, May 11th by bewellbubewellbu
Zzzzz... Tips for a full night's sleep!
Having trouble getting to sleep? Or staying asleep? Watch this video to help understand why you may be having trouble and learn some tips to achieve...
Wednesday, April 19th by bewellbubewellbu
“Because I love you” isn’t an excuse for someone to treat you badly or make you feel uncomfortable. Watch the video to learn more...
Monday, April 10th by bewellbubewellbu
Teens: Let's Talk About Stress!
Feeling stress? You aren’t alone. Check out this video to hear from other teens about what stresses them out and how they manage their stress....
Friday, February 10th by bewellbubewellbu
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