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Community Dialogue on HIV and Other Sexually Transmitted Infections
April is Sexually Transmitted Infection Month—and it's a great time to learn about what you can do to protect yourself and the community....
Thursday, March 30th from
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Harlem Word: Dr. Elizabeth Cohn talks about how precision medicine can be used to improve health
Dr. Elizabeth Cohn is a researcher and health activist working on precision medicine and genomics. She has academic posts at both Adelphi University...
Thursday, March 23rd by GHHEditorGHHEditor
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Healthy Tip Of the Week (HTW): March 12-18
March is National Kidney Month! Your kidneys clean up your body and keep you in good shape. Learn some more about these underappreciated organs! 1....
Sunday, March 12th from
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Am I My Sister's Keeper? I Love and Value Myself!!
We must take care of the ones we love and cherish—but we also have to take care of ourselves, too! Community Health and Awareness Ministry and...
Thursday, March 9th from
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Healthy Tip Of the Week (HTW): March 5-11
National Sleep Awareness week begins on Monday! We don’t always think about it, but getting enough sleep is crucial to good health. Here’...
Tuesday, March 7th by GHHEditorGHHEditor
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