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Harlem Fitness Bootcamp  
Monday, June 2nd from Harlem Fitness
Event in Fitness
Green Gym Day
Fun, fitness, and fabulous views all rolled into one! Hike part or all of 5 miles through 5 beautiful northern Manhattan Parks, each with stunning...
Monday, June 2nd from
Article in Fitness, Health Info
Healthy Tip of the Week (HTW): May 12-19, 2014
Most people know that physical activity or exercise is important. Exercise can help you keep a healthy weight, improve confidence and mood, and...
Friday, May 16th from
You may be eligible for the Harlem YMCA's free Diabetes Prevention Program!
Do you have a history of type 2 diabetes in your family? Are you worried that you may be diagnosed with diabetes early on in life? You can make some...
Friday, May 9th from
Article in Fitness, Environment
Register for Columbia University's Summer Sports Camps!
Do you know any kids or teens trying to find something fun to keep them active this summer? Look no further than Columbia University, which is proud...
Friday, April 25th from
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