Harlem Word

Harlem Word: Monique Hedmann, MPH, shares her 12 W’s of Wellness
Monique Hedmann, MPH, aka “Mo Flow” is an influential health and wellness advocate in the Northern Manhattan community. In helping guide...
Tuesday, April 15th from GetHealthyHarlem.org
Harlem Word: Dr. Sidney Hankerson talks about getting treatment for depression
Dr. Sidney Hankerson is a psychiatrist who is currently working at Columbia University and the New York State Psychiatric Institute.  His work...
Thursday, April 3rd from GetHealthyHarlem.org
Article in Food
Harlem Word: Maudene Nelson tells us who needs to watch how much salt they eat and how to cut down on it
In this article, Northern Manhattan Community Nutrition educator Maudene Nelson, RD, CDE tells us why some people should eat less salt and some ways...
Monday, March 31st from GetHealthyHarlem.org
Article in Health Info
Harlem Word: Dr. Ogedegbe talks about the cheapest way to lower high blood pressure
Dr. Ogedegbe is a hypertension specialist working on several projects in senior centers, churches, and low-income primary care practices across the...
Thursday, March 13th from GetHealthyHarlem.org
NYS Best of 2013 Health Report
Article in Health Info
Best of 2013 NYS Health's Annual Report
The 2013 NYS Health’s Annual Report shows exciting progress in its health system. This report shows that the New York State Health Foundation...
Tuesday, February 25th from GetHealthyHarlem.org
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