Article in Health Info
Healthy Tip of the Week (HTW): September 1--8, 2014
Men are less likely to get regular checkups, or to seek medical attention for possible health problems. Fortunately, the list of the common causes of...
Article in Spirit & Mind
Healthy Tip of the Week (HTW): August 25--September 1, 2014
The Power of Laughter   Heal yourself with laughter. Laughter stretches muscles in your face and relaxes your body. Laughter decreases cortisol...
Wednesday from
Article in Health Info
In The News: Powdered Alcohol
New York Senator Charles Schumer has recently called for local and national businesses to boycott selling Palcohol, a new “powdered alcohol...
Monday, August 25th from
Article in Environment
In the News: NJ Transit will continue allowing alcohol on trains
New Jersey Transit has decided not to completely ban alcohol on its trains. Instead, it will ban drinking at times and places when people are more...
Friday, August 22nd from
Article in Spirit & Mind
In the News: Alcohol use skyrocketing in China
People in China are drinking more alcohol than ever before, actually more than twice as much as 35 years ago. Scientists say this is because there is...
Friday, August 22nd from
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