9 Dimensions of Wellness: BuzzFeed Quiz Edition!
Looking for a fun way to explore the 9 dimensions of wellness? Check out this list of BuzzFeed quizzes we compiled representing an aspect of each...
Article in Health Info
Did you know… there are safe ways to get rid of bed bugs?
Bed bugs are small insects that feed mainly on human blood. They like to live in houses and apartments, and are fond of living in bedding. Baby...
Tuesday by GHHEditorGHHEditor
Article in Health Info
Did You Know…One pill a day can help protect you against HIV
Think you might be at risk for HIV and looking for a way to have worry-free sex? PrEP (also known as pre-exposure prophylaxis) could be for...
Friday, May 19th from
Article in Environment
Did you know…. 50,000 American youth are held in prisons on any given day?
When young people are taken away from their homes and put into prisons, they are more likely to abuse drugs, commit suicide, and suffer from mental...
Wednesday, May 17th from
Article in Health Info
Healthy Tip Of the Week (HTW): May 14-20
  This is National Women’s Health Week! Take some time to learn about what can be done to encourage good health for women.   1. It...
Tuesday, May 16th by GHHEditorGHHEditor
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