Science and Health: Columbia teams up with famed artist for research into the science of creativity

GHHEditor February 28th

What makes the mind of an artist tick? Where do their ideas come from? That’s what researchers at Columbia University’s Zuckerman Mind Brain Behavior Institute wanted to find out. So they got in touch with Jeff Koons, an artist and sculptor famous for his colorful, larger-than- life designs—such as massive sculptures in the shape of balloon dogs. Koons agreed to become the artist-in- residence at the institute, beginning a period of collaboration and research between the artist and scientists. The relationship goes both ways—as the researchers workto gain a greater understanding of the neuroscience of art through Koons’ example, Koons will get the opportunity to speak with scientists and learn about the work being done at Columbia.

Koons’ time as artist-in- residence has only just begun, and there will doubtlessly be many fascinating ideas produced by his team-up with Columbia’s neuroscientists. What will they discover together? It’s too early to say—but we can be certain that it will be something incredible.

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