In the News: Harvesting the Sun's Energy in Harlem

GHHEditor October 18th, 2016

A garden on a rooftop? It's not fantasy, it's reality. The Spitzer School of Architechture at the City College of New York has built a garden on their rooftop, giving Harlem residents the chance to see what it's like to grow crops. The garden even has its own special system to keep the plants watered! The Harlem Rooftop Garden will be used as a teaching tool for high school and college classes.

And if that wasn't cool enough, they've also built a "Solar Roofpod," which turns sunlight into energy that can power the building it stands on top of in case of blackouts! If more buildings installed Solar Roofpods, the city could become even more environmentally friendly. This Roofpod might be just the first of many.

The rooftop's structures can also be moved around to create all sorts of new designs. With the power of the sun, and high-tech design, the possibilities are limitless!


For more information on the Solar Roofpod and rooftop garden, click here.

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