Healthy Tip of the Week (HTW): January 10 - January 16

GHHEditor January 11th

Did you know that by going meatless for just one day out of the week may help to prevent conditions such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity? The Meatless Mondays campaign, which is active in 36 countries around the globe, encourages you to give up meat on Mondays. Doctors recommend that you lower the amount of meat you eat by 15% in order to cut down on unhealthy fats. By giving up meat for one day of the week, you can do this! And by doing this, you can be healthier overall. For some, giving up meat may be difficult but don't worry! There are delicious meat replacements that you and your family can enjoy.

Instead of meat try:

  • Mushrooms can provide that meaty tase that you might be craving! That is why they are great for replacing meat in any recipe. Not to mention, mushrooms when used to replace meat, have shown to help with weight loss by providing a lot of fiber to your diet. Along with this, they can even help to support a healthy immune system! Try one these recipes.
  • Tempeh is made from soy but is different from tofu because it has more of a meaty texture. Because of this, it is an excellent way to replace meat! It also has some great benefits because it can help keep your heart healthy by cutting down on cholesterol and sodium while still providing you a lot of protein. Check out some recipes here!
  • Cauliflower can be used to replace meats and carbs in a lot of creative ways. It may seem like it would be bland or boring but if you season it and cook it just right, you will be surprised how delicious it can be! You can even grind cauliflower and use it as a pizza crust. Check out how to do that here!
  • Beans and legumes are a great way to get protein without eating meat. They are cheap, healthy, and can fill you up just as easily as meat. Not to mention, beans can help to lower your cholesterol. Try making a hearty soup, stew, or chili with different types of beans for a delicious alternative! Try on of these recipes here.


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