Healthy Tip Of the Week (HTW): Feb 5-11

GHHEditor February 5th

This Tuesday is National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day. Consider taking some time to learn about HIV/AIDS and what can be done to fight it!

1. The first step is to get tested! Click here to find where your nearest testing center is. It’s important to know your status!

2. If you’re HIV-positive, don’t despair—modern medicine can help! If you follow doctors orders and take medication, you can live a happy, healthy, long life.

3. You cannot get HIV from shaking hands with a HIV+ person, using the same bathroom as them, or hugging them. Don’t worry about that!

4. There are medications you can take to reduce your risk of getting HIV. These are called “pre-exposure prophylaxis”, or PrEP. These are only for people who are at high risk of acquiring HIV. If you think these medications might be helpful for you, ask your doctor.

5. Using injection drugs, such as heroin, dramatically increases your risk of getting HIV. If you use them, there are people who can help you quit. Click here for more.

HIV is a serious disease, but you have the power to keep yourself healthy! And there are people who are here to help you.

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