Healthy Tip of the Week (HTW) August 20 - 27

GHHEditor August 22nd, 2016

Did you know that too much fruit can be bad for you?

If you have diabetes or have been diagnosed with pre-diabetes you probably know how important it is to manage the kind and amount of certain types of food you eat--like bread, pasta and rice. 

But most of us think of fruit as being a healthy choice--and summer is the season for an array of delicious options. Fruits are a healthy option as they are loaded with vitamins and fiber. But if you have pre-diabetes or diabetes--or if this disease runs in your family--be careful not to eat too much fruit or large amounts of certain kinds of fruit. This is important because some fruits naturally have more sugar than others.

Here are some tips to enjoying fruit while staying healthy:

  • Choose fresh fruits as much as possible, as canned fruits have added sugar
  • Focus on portions to make your choices easier--generally a portion is the size of your palm--but for dried fruits a portion is only the size of a golf ball--the amount you eat will also depend on how much a fruit will raise your blood sugar levels which is known as its glycemic load.
  • Keep a list of fruits and their glycemic loads like this one or this one on your fridge so you can plan your meal management or shopping around the amount of sugar they have or how they will affect your sugar levels.

Even though it's important for you to be aware of how your favorite fruits affect your blood sugar levels, be sure to check with your doctor about eating fruit in ways that are healthy for you.

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