Every kid in NYC now gets a free lunch

GHHEditor June 20th

In the News: NYC kids and families win in fight for universal free school lunch

Lunchtime for our kids just got a whole lot better thanks to New York City’s new budget. The 2017-18 budget, passed in June 2017, includes funding for universal free school lunch. This change will free kids from the stigma that comes with opting for free or reduced-price lunch, because all kids will now receive lunch free of charge!

Lunch will now be a time for all kids to refuel, chat with friends, and simply have fun, leaving them refreshed and ready to take on an afternoon of classes.

As explained by President and CEO of the New York State Health Foundation, David Sandman, the health benefits of this change are huge. In a statement released on Wednesday, June 7, Sandman says, “Universal school lunch eliminates the stigma of free or reduced-price lunch and ensures that nearly all of New York City’s 1.1 million public school students will have the food they need to be healthy, to learn, and to play.”

During his campaign, in 2013 New York City Mayor de Blasio let voters know, that if elected he would make sure all New York public school students had free school lunch. Keeping to his promise, New York now joins cities like Boston, Chicago, Dallas, and Philadelphia, whose residents are already seeing the benefits of offering universal free school lunch.

Thanks to this new development, starting in September, lunch will finally be a right rather than a privilege for our city’s children.

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