Did you know…you could reduce the chances of your bike being stolen with the “Operation ID-Bicycle Registration” program?

GHHEditor November 20th, 2014

Biking in NYC has become popular as people use it as a way to save money on public transport, get fit, and have fun!

But, there are some downsides—especially the chance that your bike could be stolen if it is left unattended and not properly secured.

To teach you how to become more alert and avoid bicycle theft the NYPD Community Affairs Bureau is offering the Operation ID-Bicycle Registration program. You can call, or visit your local precinct and ask to speak with your Crime Prevention Officer to register your bicycle in the program.

If you represent a community organization or bicycle riding group, you can
schedule a customized registration for your organization or group by contacting the program:
Email: crimeprevention@nypd/org
Phone: (212) 614-6741

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