Did you know…YOU can benefit from research studies!

BrandingAdministr... January 9th

Research helps us understand how things work, and educates us on better ways to eat, live, and be healthy.

Q: Why is research important?

  • Research is important because it can give us health knowledge that we may not have had before.
  • Research can lead to the creation of new health products, which allow us to be healthier. For example, laboratory research led to the discovery of penicillin, a group of antibiotics that many of us get prescribed when we have certain illnesses.
  • Research has also shed light on the connections between our lifestyle and health; for example, research shows that the more active we are, the healthier our weight will be.

Q: How does research work?

  • One type of research is dividing a group of participants into two groups to test a new drug. Both groups will eat, drink and sleep identically. One group will take the new drug, and the second group will not. If the group taking the drug is healthier at the end of the study than the other group, then research has shown us that the drug works!
  • Research also finds connections between health and other parts of our lives by asking a specific group of people about their lifestyle. For example, a study might ask all 20-year old males how much sleep they get every night and then check their weight. The study will teach us whether or not people who sleep more, weigh less.
  • Research can also take place in a laboratory, where a researcher will try out many different medicines to see how they combine to create new ones.  

People who get involved in research studies can also find many benefits.

  • For example, free health care or other health services may be given to research participants during the time of the study.
  • Participants may also get access to educational materials during their involvement.
  • Research can help us learn about ourselves and our bodies. This information empowers us to make healthier decisions every day.

This is the first of a four series regarding research. Stay tune for upcoming additions.

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