5 Free NYC commuting apps

GHHEditor June 12th

Did you know...there are free NYC commuting apps that make your trip less painful?

            New Yorkers are busy people, with over 1.6 million people commuting every day.  Whether you are taking the 1 train to 125th Street or hopping on the M7 bus, there are so many options to get around Harlem and beyond. Getting to work or school can be stressful, but smartphone apps can make your daily commute easier. Here are 5 free apps that will help you handle the NYC transit system:

  1. Citymapper: A great app for busy cities! Plan your trip from point A to B with Estimated Arrival Time (ETA) including all modes of transportation (subway, bus, rail, ferry, bike/car sharing, Uber). The app has dozens of features including bookmarks for your work and home address, commuting issues, favorite places and much more! Available on:  Android, iPhone
  2. Transit: Use this NYC app for simple trip-planning and step-by-step navigation. The app has real-time predictions for buses, trains and traffic. Transit has clear, easy to use interface! Available on: Android, iPhone
  3. onTime: Taking a quick trip from Harlem to Long Island or Westchester? onTime is available for Metro North Rail (MNR) and Long Island Railroad (LIRR). This fast, easy to use app comes with train schedules, countdown of next train, real-time track information, commuter notifications, train delays and updates. Available on: Android, iPhone
  4. MTA Travel Time: Real-Time arrivals and departures for the subway, bus, Long Island Rail Road (LIRR), Metro North Rail (MNR) and Bridges & Tunnels. Also check out the Weekender app for weekend planned service changes and real-time train arrivals. Available on: Android, iPhone, computer desktop
  5. Google Maps Transit: Provides real time traffic, bus and train information. The app includes guided turn information and ability to find new places like restaurants, shops, museums and more! Available on: Android, iPhone, computer desktop
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