4 Tips to reduce stress during commuter delays or cancellations

GHHEditor June 14th

Did you know…there are simple steps you can take to reduce stress during commuter delays or cancellations?

Sometimes when trains or buses aren’t running properly, bad weather or accidents can cause train and bus cancellations or delays. Here are some tips to ease your commute and reduce stress during service changes.  



  1. Plan ahead: Download a smartphone app to get warnings of delays or cancellations. Before you leave work, school or home, check the MTA website to get the up-to-date schedules.
  2. Stay calm: During train delays or cancellations train platforms and stations can become busy. Try to find a less crowded area to stand and take deep breaths and to remain calm. Meditation and prayer can also help you feel less angry or frustrated when your bus or train is not running properly.
  3. Listen to instructions: If you are at a train platform, listen carefully to MTA announcements. There may be other routes to get to your destination.
  4. Have a backup plan: Before commuter delays or cancellations happen, if possible, try to map out another way to wherever you are going.

Visit the MTA website for more information.

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