145th street gas stations fall by the wayside

GHHEditor June 5th

In the News: Harlem gas stations to be replaced by new developments

You may have noticed that one by one gas stations are disappearing across Manhattan. In fact, according to the New York Fire Department, over the past four years the number of public gas stations has dropped from 117 to just 50. While until recently gas stations mostly have been leaving lower Manhattan, Harlem is now part of this trend, with three of the four 145th street mainstays recently being purchased by developers.

The Getty station, previously located on 145th street in between Frederick Douglass Boulevard and Lenox Avenue was bought for $4.62 million in 2015 by Platinum Realty Associates. Based on the company’s website, Platinum has plans to turn this site into a glassy mixed-used building, but according to the owner, David Koptiev, nothing has been approved quite yet.

Meanwhile, the Speedway station and the Mobil station were sold for a total of more than $16 million to real estate investor Israel Weinberger of Cowlton Properties during this past winter.

In a recent article, the New York Times reflects on the link between development and gentrification, highlighting a mix of perspectives from residents. While some are nervous about being pushed out of a neighborhood that has largely avoided rising real estate prices, others believe that the new development could bring their local shops more business.

To read the full article, click here, and make your voice heard, by sharing any concerns you have about recent neighborhood development in the comments.

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