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Happy Meals without Toys??

Yesterday I heard that a county in Northern California (Santa Clara County) voted to ban toys in children's meals for any meal that is "unnutritional."  Say goodbye to the days of Barbie and HotWheels and Beanie Babies and Dora The Explorer and whatever toy goes along with the current Disney movie that's being

Recipe: Chicken Taco Pizza

Do you like Mexican AND Italian food???

East Harlem Green Festival 2010

As many of you know, yesterday, April 22, 2010 was Earth Day. To celebrate, Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer, the Nourishing Kitchen of New York City, and Go Green East Harlem hosted the East Harlem Green Festival at the Target East Harlem Garden (417 E. 117th Street between Pleasant and 1st Avenue).

Learning about CSAs

I was at the Nourshing Kitchen's Earth Day event yesterday at the Target Community Garden on E 117th Street and I met someone from the Kitchen Table/Project Harmony "CSA."  I wasn't exactly sure what a CSA was but I knew it sounded familiar.  She explained to me that in a CSA, you can buy a portion (what they

Harlem Word: Certified Diabetes Educator Pat Kringas explains the difference between diabetes and pre-diabetes

Pat Kringas, RN, MA, CDE, works with young people suffering from diabetes or pre-diabetes at the Naomi Berrie Diabetes Center in Northern Manhattan. Through her work as a research coordinator for the Center's clinical trials, she helps many families understand and deal with the risks of this dangerous disease. Here she explains what these diseases are and how they affect people who have them.

Fort Greene Farmer's Market in Brooklyn

Checked it out this weekend. Lots of local produce at the stalls this weekend- especially delicious NY apples! Also, ramps. The farmer said these have a short season. Does anyone have a good recipe for ramps?

Health Benefits of Eating Fish

The wonderful benefits of eating healthy, delicious fish!

See video

Harlem Word: Certified Diabetes Educator Pat Kringas talks about what could make you more likely to get diabetes

Pat Kringas, RN, MA, CDE is the Research Coordinator for several clinical trials focusing on diabetes at the Naomi Berrie Diabetes Center in Northern Manhattan. She talked with us about the reasons people are most likely to get diabetes and who should get tested.

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