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Nourishing Minute -- SODA!!

Chef Gina from The Nourishing Kitchen of New York City talks about how to have great tasting drinks without using sugary sodas and fruit drinks.

Click the PLAY button on the video below!!


Harlem Word: Dr. Thomas Nickolas talks about keeping your cholesterol low in order to keep your kidneys healthy

Dr. Thomas Nickolas, a nephrologist at New York Presbyterian Hospital tells us what we can do to keep our kidneys in good health. He also tells us what cholesterol is and how you can keep your cholesterol levels low.

Grading restaurants based on cleanliness in NYC

I was reading in am New York this morning that the city health department is going to start grading restaurants based on how clean they are and posting those grade letters (A, B, or C) on their windows for all New Yorkers to see.

Best Yet Market now open in Harlem

More fresh food in Harlem? Looks like it. Best Yet Market opened up recently (last week?).

It's between 119th and 118th on Frederick Douglass

I went to their website and they have a bunch on videos on the Harlem store.

Started an indoor garden...

I finally did it. I started a vegetable garden in my apartment. I have pretty good light in my living room and have been growing basil, parsley and mint there for a few months.

After going to a food conference a few months ago, I was motivated to try my hand at planting some veggies and different herbs.

WebMD Portion size plate

Portion control is a critical part of healthy eating. The WebMD Portion Size Plate gives you easy-to-understand guidelines and pictures to help you avoid some common portion-size pitfalls.


Sign a letter to make sure that the nutritional needs of low-income children are a top priority for Congress

Your help is needed to ensure that the nutritional needs of low-income children are a top priority for Congress. As Congress prepares to take up Child Nutrition Reauthorization, you can urge them to take swift action to support child nutrition legislation. Over the past year, many bills reflecting the anti-hunger community's top priorities for Child Nutrition Reauthorization have been introduced.

Strategic Alliance for Health Annual Meeting

Mar 16 2010 9:00 am

Tuesday, March 16th from 9:00 - 11:00 am @ the Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. State Office Building, 163 West 125th Street, 2nd Floor Art Gallery

Topics for discussion: Community action plan, Role of a partner, Mission and vision . Refreshments will be served.

Free Pantry Bag

Mar 1 2010 5:00 pm

Having trouble stocking your kitchen with healthy food?  Come get a free pantry bag this Monday at the Nourishing Kitchen of New York City.  Pantry bag distribution will take place from 5-5:30 at 115th and Pleasant ave.  

Feel free to stay for our nutrition class at 5:30! 

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