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Yoga Bliss Yoga Classes

Event posted by Yogi Beth in Fitness 2 years ago

Nov 15 2010 7:00 pm
Dec 16 2010 8:30 pm

Gentle Bliss Flow course 


Working Out on a Budget

Forum topic posted by Coll5 1 year ago

I found some great tips for when you're looking to jumpstart your activity level, but don't have a ton of money to spend at the gym. Some things that I'm going to try:



Michelle Obama's Arms

Article posted by nbruning 2 years ago

The world is abuzz about Michelle Obama's toned and beautiful arms. For example, CNN ran a story on Friday called "How to get Michelle Obama's toned arms" at


Youth Forum & Expo: Food Farming and Active Living

Event posted by Publisher in Food 2 years ago

Apr 16 2009

A full-day conference planned with and for NYC youth leaders, ages 15-24, who are engaged in health, wellness and sustainability.


African Dance Classes and More (Free) at the 4th Annual African American Expo - Harlem, NY USA - This week

Blog entry posted by AfricanDanceSchedule 1 year ago

I'm also adding this information to the blog. I don't want you to miss out! How have you been? Have you taken any African Dance Classes in Harlem? Well you can at the 4th Annual African American Expo, most of the teachers mentioned in the first blog are teaching there as well as a few others. And the entire event is FREE!


Adult kickboxing and Yoga classes in East Harlem

Link posted by persephones passion 2 years ago

Mullero Kaizen Karate Dojo, 1590 Lexington Avenue (at 101st)

Adult Yoga Classes: Tues 6:30, Thurs 6:30, Sat 11:15.

Adult Kickboxing Classes: Tues 7:30, Thurs 7:30, Sat 12:30


I am Looking for Minority-owned Yoga , Meditation or Wellness Center

Forum topic posted by noellicenter 1 year ago

This is not to be political, I've lived in Harlem and Bed Stuy , finally there are a lot of Wellness and Holistic centers opening. Unfortunately, most of them not only appear to not be Minority-owned , but minimal employees, trainers or teachers are minority.


Yoga Demonstration by BKS Iyengar - Stills from "Yoga: The Ultimate Freedom"

Blog entry posted by Stayin Fit 1 year ago

              Screening of "The Ultimate Freedom". Yoga Demonstration by BKS IyengarScreening of "The Ultimate Freedom". Yoga Demonstration by BKS Iyengar