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Harlem Word: Dr. Icilma Fergus—her advice for women who’d like to become cardiologists

As Chief of Cardiology at Harlem Hospital Center, and on the Board of the Association of Black Cardiologists, Dr. Fergus works hard constantly stay in touch with the community-and that includes people who want to expand her community-based approach to health care. Here she tells us what it takes to make it in the field.

Harlem Word: Martha Eddy teaches us about kinesthetic education

Martha Eddy, CMA, Ed.D., is the director of the Center for Kinesthetic Education and a long-time East Harlem resident. Dr. Eddy has been involved in numerous programs throughout Harlem involving kinesthetic education. Here she tells us what kinesthetic education is and why it caught her interest.

Harlem Word: Dr. Carlton McGregor explains who is at risk for prostate cancer

When Dr. Carlton McGregor, MD, was diagnosed with prostate cancer  in fall 2009 he decided to raise awareness of the disease by telling other people about it. Family history is one of the risk factors for prostate cancer-Dr. McGregor's father also had this disease. Learn more about the risk factors for prostate cancer by reading the article below.

Harlem Word: Dr. Kathie-Ann Joseph talks about why she became a breast surgeon

Dr. Kathie-Ann Joseph, MD, MPH, is an active member of the medical community in Northern Manhattan and has served on the GetHealthyHarlem.org Health Advisory Board for more than a year. Here she talks about how she became interested in breast health.

Harlem Word: Dr. Martha Eddy tells us how people in Harlem can begin exercising today

Dr. Martha Eddy, CMA, Ed.D., exercise physiologist and movement therapist has also been a dancer all her life and now shares her passion for dance, fitness and exercise with NYC residents. She talked to GetHealthyHarlem.org about ways that Harlem residents can start exercising.

Harlem Word: Dr. Hilda Hutcherson -- Sex, exercise and health

We sat down with Dr. Hutcherson to talk about how sex is an important part of overall health.

Harlem Word: Emmanuel Durham -- Helen B. Atkinson Center and health in Harlem

Emmanuel L. Durham, MHSA, Center Director of Community Healthcare Network Helen B. Atkinson Health Center discusses the work of the Helen B. Atkinson Center and the health issues affecting Harlem.

Harlem Word: Nancy Bruning tells us about her ideas for improving parks

Nancy Bruning, MPH, is a public health researcher who runs fitness groups in Fort Tryon Park in Northern Manhattan.  Based on her work in New York City parks, she has a lot of thoughts about how they can be used for fitness.  Read more about her ideas below!

Harlem Word: Dr. Mary Bassett – High blood pressure and salt

We sat down with Dr. Mary T. Bassett, former Deputy Director of Health Promotion and Disease Prevention for New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene to discuss high blood pressure in Harlem and the impact of salt on hypertension.

Harlem Word: Laura Evensen shares the three signs of stroke that everyone should know

Laura Evensen, MPH, the Behavioral Research Director of the stroke division at New York-Presbyterian Hospital, is working to figure out why some people are less likely to have a stroke. We chatted with her about what she has found out so far through her research and experience.

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