Harlem Word

Thomas Nickolas - Part 6

In this episode of Harlem Word, Dr. Nickolas discusses which groups are most likely to get kidney failure.

Thomas Nickolas - Part 5

In this episode of Harlem Word, Dr. Nickolas explains how to keep your kidneys healthy.

Thomas Nickolas - Part 4

In this episode of Harlem Word, Dr. Nickolas explains the connection between the kidneys and blood pressure.

Thomas Nickolas - Part 3

In this episode of Harlem Word, Dr. Nickolas discusses the types of treatments for kidney failure.

Thomas Nickolas - Part 2

In this episode of Harlem Word, Dr. Nickolas explains kidney failure.

Harlem Word: Shakir Saud shares his views on health issues and challenges students face at City College New York (CCNY)

Shakir Saud is a graduate of Aviation High School and received his BS degree in biology from CCNY.  He is currently pursuing his Masters in Biology at CCNY and is an active advocate of health on campus as a peer health educator of the CCNY Wellness Center.  Here he shares his views with us about the struggles of being a college student who is trying to keep up a healthy lifestyle.

Harlem Word: Maudene Nelson tells us what it means to be a “locavore” and eat locally-grown foods

Maudene Nelson, RD, CDE is a nutrition educator at the Columbia University Institute of Human Nutrition and a diabetes educator at the Naomi Berrie Diabetes Center.  She sat down with GetHealthyHarlem.org to explain why locally grown food is healthier for you and the economy!

Harlem Word: Dr. Olajide Williams uses hip-hop to teach kids about health

Dr. Olajide Williams, MD, MS is a neurologist and the director of the Stroke Center at Harlem Hospital. He is also the founder of the Hip-Hop Public Health Education Center, which uses hip-hop to teach people about health.

Harlem Word: Mary Alice Lee talks about how non-profit Trust for Public Land protects open space in New York City

Mary Alice Lee has her Master's degree in urban planning. Her primary interest is the creation of parks.  She worked at the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation before joining the Trust for Public Land (TPL) in 2003. Now, she is the director of the NYC Playground Program. She is able to combine her interests in community outreach and urban planning to create parks and playgrounds that entire communities can enjoy. Because Mary Alice grew up in New York City with a limited school yard, she understands how important it is for kids here to have safe, fun, beautiful places to play. Read more about TPL and what programs they have in New York City below!

Harlem Word: Dr. Rabia Tahir talks about how pharmacists can help Harlem residents

Dr. Rabia Tahir, Pharm.D is a pharmacist and professor at Touro College of Pharmacy.  Here she talks about the new roles that pharmacists are taking on-and that Touro promotes. She says that pharmacists should provide many services to their patients besides just handing out pills.

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