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Harlem Word: Tim Haft -- Rope-jumping benefits

Read about the many health benefits of jumping rope from the following interview with Punk Rope founder and exercise innovator, Tim Haft!

Harlem Word: Tim Haft -- An introduction to Punk Rope

Tim Haft is the founder of Punk Rope, a fun blend of recess and boot camp, comprised of segments that include rope-jumping, games, relay races and core training...

Harlem Word: Dr. Stephanie LeMelle

Mental health and illness is a serious issue, particularly among African American, Latino and other minority groups.

Dr. Stephanie LeMelle is a psychiatry professor at Columbia University, with a private psychiatric practice in Northern Manhattan.

Harlem Word: Alex Askew

Food History: Why did our ancestors eat better than we do? Learn from Alex Askew, President of the Black Culinarian Alliance...

Harlem Word: Jannelle Cortes, "dancing: it's all about moving"

Jannelle Cortes began dancing when she was four. She learned ballet, jazz and tap at the Academy of Theatrical Arts in Washington, D.C. When she came to New York City, Jannelle became interested in West African dancing, belly dancing, Salsa, Samba and Hip Hop. She began teaching others the joys of dancing in various places around New York City, including a belly dancing class at the New York Sports Club on 125th Street.

Harlem Word: Dr. Olajide Williams

New York City has a low incidence of strokes compared to the US, but Harlem has the highest rate of stroke in NYC ... Dr Olajide Williams is a physician at Harlem Hospital and a key leader in stroke treatment and prevention in Harlem.

Harlem Word: Dr. Ben Ortiz discusses exercising with asthma

Many people think that having asthma means they can't exercise. But without exercise people are at higher risk for being overweight or obese. Should adults and kids with asthma avoid exercise, especially if they have a weight problem? We sat down with Dr. Ben Ortiz to find out the truth about asthma and exercise.

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