Did You Know?

Did You Know...knowing the facts about diabetes can save your life?

Diabetes poses big problems for Harlem. For example, people in East Harlem who have diabetes are twice as likely to die of the disease as people who live in other parts of the city!


Did you know...spirituality, prayer and meditation can reduce stress?

Did you know that high levels of stress can affect your body in many ways?

For instance, stress can contribute to damage and clots in the heart that keep your blood from flowing properly. This can lead to heart disease and increase your risk for heart attacks.

Did You Know...changing the type of oil you cook with can help your health?

Changing the type of oil you use is an easy way to reduce calories and fat from your diet.

Did you know...you can make 9 simple changes for eating well?

You've heard it before, but what can you do NOW to start eating right? Here are nine things to try and the reasons why they will help keep you healthy.

Did you know...you can set up and use your kitchen in a healthy way? Healthy Kitchens 101

The idea of cooking healthy meals can seem overwhelming, but taking steps to be prepared can eliminate some of the stress and save time.

Did you know...you can get to know herbal practitioners?

Herbal medicine practitioners such as root doctors, conjurers and curanderos in African-American and Latino history have always been and are important people in promoting health and well-being. Many natural healers of various traditions believe that treating the underlying cause of the problem will relieve symptoms.

Did you know...every little step counts? 12 changes you can start today to lose up to 90 pounds in a year

Getting healthy and losing weight does not have to be a chore. In fact, a few simple changes to your routine can make an enormous difference. Search this list for something you think you can start today and make it a habit. When you make just one change and commit to it, you will feel better and see changes in your health. Imagine what could happen if you make a few changes!

Did you know...there are lots of ways to burn calories without the traditional “work out”?

Ever want to burn a few calories without going to the gym? Try some of these quick and fun activities that are super easy to incorporate into your daily routine:

Did you know...who your pharmacy staff is? Pharmacy 101

There are many people who work in a pharmacy besides a pharmacist. You should know who they are so that you can get the help that you need. Here are descriptions of the pharmacy team so that you will know who can give you the proper information the next time you visit your community pharmacy.

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