Did You Know?

Did You Know...that more than one in four adults in Central Harlem smokes?

That's about 39,000 people! However, recent research shows that about 7 in 10 of these smokers (about 27,000 people) tried to quit in the past year. Quitting can be really hard, but you are not alone.

Did you know...getting the facts about type 2 diabetes can save your life?

What is type 2 diabetes?

Type 2 diabetes means your body is insulin-resistant. At first, your body produces insulin but does not use that insulin correctly. After time, your pancreas, which is the only organ that produces insulin, is no longer able to make it at all.

Did you know...litter and dirty streets can affect your mood as well as your health?

It's obvious that litter attracts pests such as rats and roaches. Food scraps or containers left on the street give these pests something to eat and a reason to stick around. These pests can affect health by spreading infectious diseases.

Did you know...there are ways to evaluate information about supplements? CAM Checklist

If you are thinking about using supplements, here are some tips to help you in making the best choices.

Did you know...in 2005, heart disease killed over 4,000 Black women in NYC?

Heart disease in East and Central Harlem is a big concern. In 2005, these two areas in Harlem had among the highest percentages of people who died from heart disease in all of Manhattan.

Did you know...Harlem has some of the highest rates of obesity and you can do something about it?

Harlem residents have among the highest rates of obesity in Manhattan. What is obesity and how can Harlem overcome these statistics?

Harlem residents have among the highest rates of obesity in Manhattan. What is obesity and how can Harlem overcome these statistics?

Did you know...there are ways to be safe when beginning an exercise program?

Safety first!

Preparing to exercise can be just as important as the actual physical activity. An injury when you first start exercising may slow down your progress towards a healthy lifestyle or halt your motivation all together.

Did You Know...quitting smoking treatments are covered under Medicaid and Medicare?

Quitting smoking can be hard. That's why there are nicotine replacement therapies (NRTs) and counseling sessions that can help. NRTs, such as the patch or gum, can double your chances of successfully quitting smoking, by reducing the withdrawal symptoms that come along with giving up cigarettes.

Did you know...there is a way to measure how much energy you use in your home?

Ever wondered how much energy your refrigerator used, or how much energy you light bulbs use when you leave then on all day while you are at work? A device called a "smart meter" is measuring just that.

Did you know...there are easy tips for living a healthy life?

Whether you are looking to lose weight, want to get healthier for yourself , or want to teach your family how to be healthy together, these tips will help you reach your goals one step at a time.

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