Did You Know?

Did you know...there are ways to handle different situations at the pharmacy?

Situation 1: Getting the wrong pills when you get a prescription refill

Carlos comes into the pharmacy to get a refill on his medication. The pharmacy technician gives him a bottle. Carlos looks at the bottle and notices that the pills do not look the same as last time.

Did you know...you can ask your pharmacist how to take your prescription drug?

Understanding the direction on a prescription can sometimes be confusing.

Did you know...it's easy to make your home asthma friendly?

Are dust bunnies hopping all over your apartment? Do you live with someone who has asthma?  Dust and dust mites (microscopic insects that live in dust) are well-known asthma triggers. Try these simple steps to get rid of dust and make your home more asthma-friendly:

Did you know.....giving up smoking could save you enough money to rent a bigger apartment, lease a new car, go on vacation or see a bunch of Broadway shows?

Since the cigarette tax increase of June 2008, the average price of a pack of cigarettes in New York City is over $8.00. At that price, a pack-a-day smoker will spend $240 per month and almost $3,000 per year on cigarettes.

Did you know...there are easy things you can do to live green, clean, and save money?

Being green is nothing new to Harlem. Organizations such as Little Sisters of the Assumption, Harlem Children's Zone and WEACT have been around for years promoting an environmentally-conscious community.

Did you know...community involvement is good for your health?

When you are actively involved in community groups and activities or otherwise participate in your neighborhood, you'll reduce stress and feel better about your environment.

Did you know...there are ways to make cooking time family time?

Lynn Fredericks shares her tips for making dinner a special time and involving children in preparing a meal.

Did you know...there are ways to evaluate health information?

There is a lot of information in Harlem and on the Internet about various medical conditions and treatments. If you are looking for information for yourself, a friend or a family member, here are some tips to help you in your search for accurate and trustworthy health information.

Did you know...whole grains help your health?

Did you know including whole grains in your diet can help reduce the risk for stroke, diabetes and heart disease?

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