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No good reason to leave your car running when you're not driving!

Blog entry posted by Laura 1 year ago

You know what bothers me to no end? Cars who idle in front of my apartment! You know what I mean... they just park there, with their cars running and their music blasting ruining not only my peace and quiet, but also my fresh air! (Well, as fresh as it can be in the city anyway!)


Staying Well in Harlem: Wellness Conference and Fair

Article posted by Publisher 21 hours ago


Majora Carter on 'Greening the Ghetto'

Video posted by Publisher 2 years ago

At a 2006 conference, Majora Carter discusses environmental renewal in urban areas.


Learning About Mold (2004): Part 1 of 2

Video posted by Publisher 2 years ago

From the Little Sisters of the Assumption Family Health Service, here's a "how to" video about finding and safel

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Let's Build a Playground Together!

Article posted by Laura 40 weeks ago

Dear NYC Strategic Alliance for Health Partners,

Please join the New York Academy of Medicine, KaBoom, Odyssey House and NYC Strategic Alliance for Health Director Javier Lopez to build a playground for the children of Odyssey House located on 219 E. 121st Street (http://www.odysseyhouseinc.org/index.php?page=progrs_family).


My indoor garden update

Blog entry posted by cesar 1 year ago

I just wanted to upload some pictures from my indoor garden. It's been very slow. I didn't know how long it would take to get these seeds going! I also ended up with a lot of dead plants. The scallions and spinach are pretty much goners.

The tomato plants are growing 'true' leaves, the ones that look like real plant leaves.