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No good reason to leave your car running when you're not driving!

Blog entry posted by Laura 1 year ago

You know what bothers me to no end? Cars who idle in front of my apartment! You know what I mean... they just park there, with their cars running and their music blasting ruining not only my peace and quiet, but also my fresh air! (Well, as fresh as it can be in the city anyway!)


Get cash for recycling old electronics??

Blog entry posted by Riverside 1 year ago

I have been getting e-mails from the Lazy Environmentalist, Josh Dorfman, giving me ideas on ways to "go green" without having to do too much.


Interested in Environmental Health, Harlem? Community Forum

Event posted by Laura in Environment 1 year ago

Apr 13 2010 2:00 pm

What are the emerging issues regarding environmental health in New York City? What are the Obama Administration's priorities for improving environmental health?

Join WE ACT for Environmental Justice on Tuesday, April 13th for the answers to these questions, and more.


“El Barrio Lives Healthy: Health is Life” Photos Highlight the Diabetes Epidemic and the Struggle to Stay Healthy in East Harlem

Article posted by IMPACT Diabetes... 1 year ago

This past summer four women from East Harlem participated in a Photovoice project that they decided to name “El Barrio Lives Healthy: Health is Life.” Photovoice is a technique that uses photograph


Go Green East Harlem Farmers Market 2009 Season Celebration

Event posted by Coll5 in Environment 1 year ago

Jul 19 2009 1:00 pm
Jul 19 2009 4:00 pm

East Harlem Farmers Market is having a season kickoff celebration! Check it out to learn more about farmers markets at this festival of food, music, and green living!