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My journey with running continues...

Blog entry posted by Riverside 35 weeks ago

Hooray!  Today I ran almost 2.5 miles (2.48!) and it actually felt... good! (Until that last .5 miles anyway).  I'm starting to think that my consistency, even if I am consistently going slow, are actually paying off and giving me a certain level of endurance.  True I chose a flatter route to run today than usual, which may have been an advantage, but I also forgot my mp3 player for the first time since I've been running again which may have been a disadvantage. .. so let's call it even and just say it was a success! 

I'm excited to see progress - and excited to see myself even let's say... not dread running... once I'm out there.  and most of all I am glad that I am actually commiting to something and sticking with it.  I've been trying not to beat myself up if I don't go out everyday (on average I've been going every other day - with some bike rides sprinkled in between); and trying to relish in my successes, as small and incremental they have been.  Next time I'm going for the true 2.5 miles.  I can honestly say I haven't ran this far in over a year (a year in which I have been completely lazy and unactive) and it feels good to get out there again.  Still not going as far as to say I enjoy this - or give myself the label of a "runner," but for the first time in my life I can classify my life as 'active' and I LOVE it. Man it feels good to move!