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Riverside's blog


Finding yourself with lots of time on your hands? Try volunteering

Blog entry posted by Riverside in Spirit & Mind 4 weeks ago

Times are tough these days.  Many of us find ourselves unemployed in the company of an extremely qualified applicant pool (read: competition).  Filling out job applications day after day gets discouraging, boring and dreary, which causes our motivation to dwindle after a while.  I'm not just talking about motivation to


Healthy Vending Machine and Ice Cream Truck Choices

Blog entry posted by Riverside in Food 6 weeks ago

I was just watching the Rachael Ray show and they had someone (Liz Vaccariello) on there that showed you how to make healthy choices when eating at a vending machine.  Surprisingly, if you want chips Veggie chips can be just as bad as regular chips - so can baked chips!  Apparently Soy Crisps are much healthier.


Happy Meals without Toys??

Blog entry posted by Riverside in Food 17 weeks ago

Yesterday I heard that a county in Northern California (Santa Clara County) voted to ban toys in children's meals for any meal that is "unnutritional."  Say goodbye to the days of Barbie and HotWheels and Beanie Babies and Dora The Explorer and whatever toy goes along with the current Disney movie that's being


Learning about CSAs

Blog entry posted by Riverside in Food 18 weeks ago

I was at the Nourshing Kitchen's Earth Day event yesterday at the Target Community Garden on E 117th Street and I met someone from the Kitchen Table/Project Harmony "CSA."  I wasn't exactly sure what a CSA was but I knew it sounded familiar.  She explained to me that in a CSA, you can buy a portion (what they


Grading restaurants based on cleanliness in NYC

Blog entry posted by Riverside in Food 23 weeks ago

Example of an 'A' Restarant Inspection Letter GradeExample of an 'A' Restarant Inspection Letter GradeI was reading in am New York this morning that the city health department is going to start grading restaurants based on how clean they are and posting those grade letters (A, B, or C) on their windows for all New Yorkers to see.


Get cash for recycling old electronics??

Blog entry posted by Riverside in Environment 43 weeks ago

I have been getting e-mails from the Lazy Environmentalist, Josh Dorfman, giving me ideas on ways to "go green" without having to do too much.


FRESH (Food Retail Expansion to Support Health) program is a good step to bringing supermarkets to Harlem, but is not enough!

Blog entry posted by Riverside in Food 51 weeks ago

The New York City Council, the Borough Presidents and the City Planning Commission have come up with a program, called the FRESH program that works on giving people reason to develop grocery stores in neighborhoods that have poor access to good food, like Harlem.