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Basketball, Double-dutch, Red Light-Green Light, which will U & your kid play, Parent -Child Street Games & Sports Challenge

Blog entry posted by noellicenter in Fitness 1 week ago
Key words: Fitness, Wii, Sports, Kids Health, July.

July is Youth Sports Month : For July we are encouraging Fathers/Sons , Mothers/Daughters, and Mentors/Mentees to take a day (any day) to play old school games and sports together. We all complain that kids are spending too much time on TV, computer and video games, We are also complaining that kids spend too much time in streets getting into trouble. So why not do something about .

Keeping kids Active -- Keeps kids healthy
Keeping kids with family -----Keeps kids safe

1)Choose a day in July, where it will be just you and the little one ,
2) Take an afternoon to play one of the following sports or physical games
3)Take a pictures showing you & your youngin, playing sports
4) Make a routine or tradition out of it
5) Spread the message

 sportsmonthsportsmonthIdeas         ■1-1 basketball

■bike riding




■Double dutch

■Red light , green light

■red Rover

■Hula Hoops

■Freeze tag

■Roller Skating

**** If your are interested in sharing your experience with the " Parent - Child Challenge" with Noelli Center, submit your pictures/ photos and stories to facebook or to info@noellicenternyc.com
Special prize will be given to parent -child to top 3 stories at the end of the month, so please send name and e-mail with submissions, otherwise submissions not necessary just enjoy time with your child



Riverside wrote

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I used to love hopscotch... I'll have to borrow a friend's kid for an afternoon to play hopscotch with me :)