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Sustaining Your Health through Abundance and Joy

Blog entry posted by nbruning in Spirit & Mind on December 23, 2009 - 9:38am
Key words: Spirit & Mind, Diet, Emotional Overeating, Joy, Pleasure.

These days, sustainability is a big buzzword. Finally, we are talking about sustainable lifestyle changes, rather than ridiculously extreme diets and exercise plans that might melt away pounds fast, but once you go back to your regular lifestyle, the pounds magically re-appear.

While coaching people through the Transitions Lifestyle System, I often have conversations about how people have felt deprived of their favorite foods, making them miserable. Yes, the Transitions eating plan is restrictive at first, but we gradually include all foods as people are able to incorporate them healthfully into their lives--in other words, not in huge mindless quantities and not because the food is satisfying a need that the food fills only temporarily.  The other need, the real need, is always still there.

Have you tried diets that take the joy out of eating and the zest out of life? Is eating taking the place of the things you really need and want? Are you an emotional overeater? Food is a basic source of celebration-- but indulgence that undermines your health ultimately does not give you joy.

I'll be exploring these concepts in my next internet radio show.  Marcella Calabi will be my guest. We've created a concept called "The Abundance Diet. " Join me and consultant Marcella Calabi in a conversation about what a life of abundance really is and how to get it without putting on the pounds.

Through her consulting practice "Clarityworks" Marcell Calabi helps people to make tough decisions, negotiate with others to bring their wishes to fruition and resolve conflicts if they arise along the way. Find out more about Clarityworks and Marcella at www.clarityworks.net.

Tune in on your computer on Thursday, Dec. 24th, at noon Eastern Time. Simply go to www.Blogtalkradio.com/Nancercize. The show will be available as a recording at the same url by 1 pm.

This is an interactive show so be sure to call us any time during the show with your questions or comments: The number to call in is: 1-347-324-3322