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Did you know that a lack of sleep can be the reason you can't loose weight?

Blog entry posted by The Health Buzz 2 weeks ago

We all heard that the longer you stay up at night, the more you may be eating which may contribute to your weight challenge. However, lack of sleep may play an important factor in your weight gain along with the late night snacking. A study conducted in 2009 in Sao Paulo, Brazil shows that, adding hours and depth to your sleep results in weight loss. The study found that while sleeping you burn three times more fat then when lying in bed awake.  In another study, participants on identical diets that slept 5.5 hours lost lean muscle, as opposed to those sleeping 7+ hours who lost fat.

Michael Breus, PHD and blogger for WebMD suggests tips for making your bedroom skinny so that you may sleep more soundly. These include; keeping off the snooze button, power down 1 hour before sleep, light any pathways to the restroom, using the right mattress and pillows, and using a sound machine.

See his blog on WebMD; Is your bedroom making you fat?