Safety tips to jumpstart the summer!

The beautiful NYC summer is here! Whether you will be enjoying the warm weather barbecuing outdoors, hanging out on your deck or seeking shelter from the hot sun with air conditioning indoors, here are a few things to consider about air conditioners (AC), barbeques, and decks.

Air conditioners

Before purchasing or installing in your window Always get permission for installation from your building management and be sure that the window and frame where the AC unit will be installed is in good condition.  Generally, it is not necessary to obtain a permit for installation unless it is a larger AC unit.

When installing Follow the manufacturer’s instructions closely and make sure that the AC unit is installed securely.  Use metal brackets that are strong enough to hold the AC unit so that it is safe and secure.  In addition:

  • Tilt the unit slightly away from the window to let the water drain, but be careful to not over tilt!
  • Don’t use loose objects, like wood blocking, bricks, telephone books, or cans, to support the leveling of an AC unit.
  • Be sure to secure leveling objects to prevent movement and shifting due to vibrations from the AC unit, wind and other weather conditions.
  • Install the AC unit so it stays in place when the window is opened, or fasten it so that the window can’t accidentally be opened.
  • Don’t place anything (TV antennae, satellite dishes, plants, etc.) on top of an AC unit.
  • Don’t block fire escape windows or other exits with the AC unit.

After installation Periodically check on the position of the AC unit and the condition of the window frame to make sure that the AC remains secure.

Click here for more details on installation tips!


Summer barbeques are lots of fun—not to mention, delicious! But, it is also important to be safe when barbecuing! Regulations and laws are set for barbeque grills to protect us, and our property.  Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • It is illegal to store standard backyard propane gas grills in apartment and residential building balconies, roof decks, roofs, rear yards or courtyards.
  • Natural gas grills must be installed by a licensed master plumber.
  • It is legal to cook with a charcoal BBQ on a terrace or in a backyard, but NOT on a balcony or roof.
  • It is illegal to use a grill produced for commercial use in a residence.
  • Electric barbecue grills are legal to install, use and maintain at residential properties, including on balconies, terraces, roofs or yards.
  • Since grease can drip into the heating coils and ignite, be very careful when using an electric grill.
  • Be sure that your electric outlet can safely handle the electric grill and if using an extension cord, be sure it’s safe to use with the current required to run the grill, or it can start a fire.
  • Keep all barbecues at least 10 feet from building walls, deck surfaces, furniture or other items that can easily catch on fire.
  • Be sure a fire extinguisher or water supply, such as a garden hose, is nearby when grilling.
  • It is illegal and VERY dangerous to use or store any grill on a fire escape.
  • NEVER grill indoors!


Click here for more information on the NYC Fuel Gas Code, NYC Fire Code, and barbeque grills!

Decks and porches

Thinking about installing a deck or a porch this summer? Here’s some information you should know:

  • You must get a special permit before building a deck or porch.
  • Only a New York State licensed professional engineer or registered architect may design them.
  • Decks can only be up to eight feet from the building into the rear yard.
  • There must be safety railings that are three and a half feet high.
  • Spaces between the rails and/or the posts can be no more than five inches.
  • The floor must support at least 40 pounds per square foot.
  • There is no storage allowed below a deck or porch.
  • For a full list of requirements, click here or visit and search decks and porches.


…and let the summer fun begin! 

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I didn't realize there were laws regarding BBQ'ing. I'm happy this article is clear about the laws so now I can't get in trouble ;)

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