In the News: Protecting our Environment with WE ACT

GHHEditor February 28th

The fight to protect our environment begins right here in Harlem! WE ACT, a group devoted to protecting our environment and living spaces, has been hard at work. Through protests from WE ACT and other like-minded individuals, a plan to sell off millions of acres of our public lands, including parts of our national parks, was shelved. In addition, WE ACT members also participated in a rally at one of Senator Schumer’s offices, to make their voices heard. You can do this too! By calling, e-mailing, and marching, you can make sure our government representatives know that we want to protect our environment. If you want to join WE ACT, you can head to one of their meetings! Check out their website, for more info. And of course, you can take action on your own as well! Here's a site that will help you find your national representative, and here's one to find your city representatives.

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