New Song/Harlem Center for Healthy Living

Vivian April 17th, 2009

Who We Are:

 New Song Community Corporation

is a 501c3 organization committed to the revitalization of Harlem by:
1. Supporting neighborhood aspiration of
     lifelong educational achievements.
2. Creating viable opprotunities
     for homeownership for
     Harlem Residents.
3. Helping strengthebn the lives of
    families and individuals. 


What We Do At the Harlem Center for Healthy Living/HCHL:

We educate and support individuals and families in healthy lifestyle practices by making  group exercise, one on one support, and special workshops on nutrition and health topics accessible, affordable, community oriented and fun. To view our calendar of classes and workshops visit ('How We Do It' tab).


About the HCHL Wellness Director:

Vivian’s background as an athlete and longtime interest in ahealthy, balanced lifestyle led her into the professional wellness field.  She is a Certified Personal Trainer,Certified Yoga Instructor and long-time health enthusiast.  For the past four years, Vivian hasbeen teaching yoga at several locations throughout Manhattan as well aspresenting Empowerment for Healthy Change workshops.  As a member of New Song Community Church, she cherishes theopportunity to serve her neighbors in Harlem and is grateful to have found ahome for her passion with Harlem Center for Healthy Living.

 To contact Vivian, call 212.222.3256.




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