Live With A Healthy Lifestyle

Being healthy is important and choosing the right food to eat and proper exercise are the factors that can surely contribute a lot to a physically healthy body. Aside from the food that we are taking in, good environment can also be consider as a good contributor for a healthy lifestyle. Just come to think of this, if you are living in an urban area, you get to experienc of having an unhealthy lifestyle. As you can see, polution are everywhere which adds to the burden of the world.

Of course, enhaling the smoke that is coming from factories and cars are not good which sometimes lead to infections. Being healthy is not just about eating the right food nor doing the proper exercise. It also depends on the environment where you are in and the factors found in that environment. I know that eveyone knows about the proper diet. When we start to avoid processed food, sugar and other ingredients, we will truly know what our body really need.

Some people tend to reduce eating starchy food. Strachy foods includes: rice, muffins, bread, pasta and chips. These food are rich in carbohydrates which if too much taken can cause bad to our body. It is recommended to eat vegetables, fruits and increasing the intake of quality oils.

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