Health Dept Launches New Smoking Cessation Campaign: Suffering Every Minute

The Health Department today announced a new campaign, Suffering Every Minute, which includes two new television, Internet, and print ads depicting the devastation and suffering caused by smoking-related illness.

In one ad, a man violently coughs, which is a frightening symptom of lung cancer. In the other ad, a woman must be cared for by her young son as she suffers from the late stages of smoking-related cancer. The ads end with the stark statistics: 285,000 Americans are living with lung cancer caused by smoking, and more than 846,000 Americans are living with cancer caused by smoking.

In collaboration with New York State Smokers' Quitline, the Health Department is offering city smokers nicotine replacement! therapy at no cost through September 20th, with special services for light smokers while supplies last.

Smokers can call 311 or 1-866-NYQUITS, or search NYC Quits on, to enroll in the program.

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