Harlem Word: Pharmacist Dr. Shreya Patel explains the benefits of Medication Therapy Management (MTM)

Shreya Patel, PharmD, is an Assistant Professor of Pharmacy and Health Outcomes at Touro College of Pharmacy located on 125th street in the heart of Harlem. In addition, she is a clinical pharmacist at Richmond University Medical Center in Staten Island, N.Y. Here, Dr. Shreya tells us why you should be interested in Medication Therapy Management (MTM).

Q: Who can benefit from Medication Theraphy Management (MTM)?

A: Any patient who uses medications—whether prescription, over-the-counter, herbal products, or dietary supplements−can benefit from MTM. It also helps patients who have had, or are more likely to have, medication-related problems such as side effects, drug interactions, and patients who use many drugs for the same condition.

Q: Why should a patient be interested in MTM?

A: I believe all patients deserve healthcare that is appropriate, works well and is safe. MTM services make sure that a safe and helpful medication plan is created for each individual patient and their health care needs. Patients who receive care from more than one doctor, or are moving from one health care setting to another, such as from the hospital to home, are more likely to have some type of medication-related problem. Having a pharmacist review a patient’s medication has been shown to prevent medication-related problems. Also, MTM services help patients take an active role in their health care decisions.

Q: What is the pharmacist’s role in MTM and how will s/he work with my doctor?

A: A pharmacist’s role in providing MTM services may be different based on the setting where MTM is offered. Today, pharmacists are providing MTM in all possible healthcare settings such as community pharmacies, long-term care facilities, hospitals and ambulatory care clinics. The main idea of MTM is centered on a pharmacist reviewing the patient and their medication and working with the patient’s doctor to suggest changes that need to be made to the medication plan.

Harlem Word is a series of interviews with Northern Manhattan health experts, written by HHPC and reviewed by our Health Advisory Board.
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